Sri Lanka. Part 2

November 16, 2013

It’s time for the second part of our Sri Lanka trip. My absolutely favourite part. We were heading back from the coast to the highlands.
Our first stop here was Nuwara Eliya. This city looks a bit like England, reason for that was the colonial time. We decided to do a little tour to a tea fabric and learned a lot about how to produce tea. As it was very cold in Nuwara Eliya, we went on to the beautiful little village Ella the other day.
Ella is the perfect place to just enjoy yourself. Everything is very laid back. And there you have the best view ever. As we were driving through the mountains and streets we stopped in Banderawela, it’s not a very spectacular city, but there we found this cute little fruit and vegetable market. Rapidly we became to the highlight of the market. We talked with the people, were able to try some nice fruits and made lots of pictures. And the people loved seeing their selves on the back of my camera. When we started photographing the people with our little polaroid camera (Fuji Instax – love it) and gave them the pictures, they were even more happy and full of joy. As a thank you they gave us tons of fruits. It was a really nice experience to see the people smiling just because of a little picture, a little gift which means a lot to them. One woman told us that it is very nice to have kind of a variety during the day (yes, they really liked us) instead of sitting the whole time on the floor and selling their stuff. This really made our day :)
Back in Ella we also saw a few tea pickers. It is hard work to pick the tealeaves, the women have to carry everything on their back and it can get very hot.. Hats off!

Now enjoy the second part of our Sri Lanka adventure. Wish you all a nice weekend!


Lots of Love from Cape Town, Julia






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