Portraits of Marciel

July 6, 2017

‘Real beauty shines from within.’



A few days ago I watched the movie ‘Embrace‘ and it immediately reminded me of the shoot I did with my dear Marciel at Theewaterskloof.
If you haven’t seen the movie, make sure to do so!! You won’t regret it :)

Marciel is such an inspirational person and she created a voice she can be very proud of.
You should follow her journey and body positivness here and here!

Right from the beginning of the planning of this shoot I knew that it is going to be amazing! And I wasn’t wrong. Marciel is an absolute rockstar – not only in front of the camera!

Thank you my dear Marciel for the super amazing time and for just being you!



Hair & Make-up by the very talented Terri from Trademark Makeup & Hairstyling!!







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